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COVID-19 Guidance for the Awards

We want attendees at the Awards to be safe and feel reassured by the sensible approach which is being taken before and during the event so that everyone can enjoy themselves and celebrate coming together once more: a reunion – and in safe way.


We would like to reassure everyone that we are very mindful of our duty of care to all attendees, participants and those working at the Awards. We are following current government guidelines for delivering events very closely.

Please read this before attending the Awards and pass the link on to your teams and guests.

Many thanks,

Exeter Property Awards team


All attendees will be asked to show proof of one of the following on arrival at the Awards:

  •  Double vaccination via COVID Pass (NHS app) or vaccination card
  • Negative test result taken in the last 24 hours (NHS app or text message confirmation)
  • If you are unable to provide either of these, you will be offered a lateral flow test and entry will be permitted on sight of a negative result.
  1. The venue has been fully risk assessed and attendee numbers have been limited to allow for a safe capacity.
  2. All attendees are encouraged to take a Lateral Flow Test within 24 hours of when you are due to arrive at the Awards, and register the result with HM Govt.
  3. If you are experiencing Covid symptoms, or in the last two weeks have been in contact with anyone with Covid symptoms, please ensure you get a PCR test and if the result is positive follow the UK Govt’s stay at home guidance.
  4. There will be multiple hand sanitising stations throughout the venue. Please remember to regularly clean your hands throughout.
  5. Facemasks generally: these are not obligatory but please feel free to wear one if you are more comfortable, and please respect those who choose to wear one.
  6. Facemasks specifically: we recommend that you wear a facemask in areas such as the reception and in the toilets.
  7. All event spaces including tables will be open to attendees throughout the day from 12pm and we encourage guests to take seats as early as possible. To help facilitate that, please familiarise yourself with where your table is and also let your teams and guests know. The table plan will be on the emailed to attendees no later than 24 hours before the Awards.
  8. Communal areas are being cleaned regularly during the day, including the toilets
  9. Bar and all food preparation adheres to government hospitality guidelines
  10. We recommend that drinks orders can be made from your seat to reduce crowding at the bar.
  11. The event is CASHLESS so please bring card payment for drinks.
  12. The microphones are wiped down after use each time, so are safe for use by Sponsors and Winners.

As a general point – please be respectful and kind to all event attendees.

If you have any questions, please email us. We thank you for your cooperation.