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2022 Attendees

Proudly presenting the Exeter Property Awards attendees
Full Name
Table #
Aaron Walkey Co Create Architects 2
Abu Bakar Siddique Farooq SunGift Solar 26
Adam Davies Halsall 9
Adam Pascoe Burrington Estates 7
Adelle Moore JLL 20
Aiden Johnson-Hugill Grenadier Estates 18
Aileen Munday Fossil Coast Drinks Co 22
Ajay Sharma KTA Architects & Urban Planners 6
Alan Treloar Vickery Holman 5
Alex Stewart KTA Architects & Urban Planners 6
Alexandra Holland Fine & Country 21
Alice Johnson Grenadier Estates 18
Alistair Powe Co Create Architects 2
Anand Srinivasan Co Create Architects 2
Andre Le Hunte Youe Stonewood Builders 23
Andrew Aust Expedite Interiors 7
Andrew Clancy Coreus Group 6
Andrew Field Grainge 24
Andrew Morris KTA Architects & Urban Planners 6
Andrew Pearce Pearce Property 18
Andrew Sturgess Nevada Construction 25
Andy Corp Halsall 9
Andy Guy Nevada Construction 25
Andy Simms Underhill Estate Agents 5
Angela Simms Underhill Estate Agents 5
Anna Seaborne Cornerstone Housing 27
Annie Martin Annie Martin Architect 16
Anthony Irving Kier Construction 17
Barney Corn Edwin Bryant 16
Ben Jobson Vistry South West 1
Ben Smith-Laing Hydrock 14
Beverley Long The Forge, Winslade Manor 3
Bob Irwin Triangle Networks 22
Bob Tranckle Nevada Construction 25
Brian Oliver Halsall 9
Brian Rice Morgan Sindall Construction 24
Carolyn Southcott Tamar Security 19
Carrie Piper Exeter Science Park 24
Charles Berry Burrington Estates 7
Charlotte Head SunGift Solar 26
Charlotte Khatso Annie Martin Architect 16
Chris Bennett Grenadier Estates 18
Chris Fayers Halsall 9
Christian Ebert LNL Property Investments 19
Claire Graham Stonewood Builders 23
Claire Walkey South West Norse Group 24
Clare Acarnley Vistry South West 1
Clare Beach Cornerstone Housing 27
Clare Cochrane Vickery Holman 5
Colin Aldworth Nevada Construction 25
Colin Ness Hampshire Trust Bank 17
Craig Francis Halsall 9
Craig Sharp Wilson and Sharp 16
Dan Lohn Close Brothers Property Finance 16
Dan Smith South West Business Finance 8
Dan Voisey Hydrock 14
Daniel Singleton Acorn Property Group 10
Dave Tranckle Nevada Construction 25
David Abrahams The Forge, Winslade Manor 3
David Gale Gale & Snowden Architects 12
David Knight Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 25
David Perkin Halsall 9
Dimitrios Andriopoulos Expedite Interiors 7
Dipo Akinola Castleforge Partners 21
Dolan Mullans Shawbrook 12
Don Hayes LEAN Projects 11
Dorian Beresford Eco-Bos 12
Drew Mason The Forge, Winslade Manor 3
Eddy Horn Services Design Solution 4
Edward Atherton PRIME Construction Solutions 11
Edward Lewis Acorn Property Group 10
Emily Rhodes Butt Estates 22
Emma Smith Vistry South West 1
Ethan Pratt Nevada Construction 25
Euan Stronge Coreus Group 6
Francesca Bayly LEAN Projects 11
Gareth Neale Vistry South West 1
Gareth Parsons Hydrock 14
Gary Winsor Halsall 9
George Courtenay-Stamp JLL 20
George Turnbull Altitude Group 26
Greg Ingham Exeter Property Awards, MediaClash 27
Guest of Acorn Property Group 10
Guest of Exeter Property Awards, MediaClash 15
Guest of Hotel Du Vin Exeter 4
Guest of Vickery Holman 5
Hannah Dorman Fine & Country 21
Harriet Noble Exeter Property Awards, MediaClash 26
Harriette Dixon Exeter Property Awards, MediaClash 15
Harry Renshaw-Smith Acorn Property Group 10
Harry Strong LEAN Projects 11
Hayley Coy Hotel Du Vin Exeter 4
Helen da Costa Coreus Group 6
Helen Laugharne Clockwise 26
Holly Hemmens Hydrock 14
Ian Walmsley Westward Ho Property 17
Jaime Atkins Co Create Architects 2
James Barnfield Hilton Barnfield Architects 3
James Carr Exeter Science Park 24
James Chard Halsall 9
James Clarke Lang Town and Country 2
James Hodge Books JHB 23
James Laughlin Services Design Solution 4
James McMurdo McMurdo Land Planning and Development 18
James Miles The Mortgage Quarter 13
James Walker Hydrock 14
Jamie Allaway Co Create Architects 2
Jamie Dewdney Co Create Architects 2
Jane Ingham Exeter Property Awards, MediaClash 20
Jason Fitzsimmons Gale & Snowden Architects 12
Jason Hylton-Smith Acorn Property Group 10
Jeff Dorman Fine & Country 21
Joanna Barraclough Countrywide New Homes 19
Joanna Damerell Michelmores Solicitors 8
Joanne High Vickery Holman 5
Joe Hammond The Forge, Winslade Manor 3
John Drewitt Bloor Homes 14
John Harvey The Samphire Club 26
John Hughes Shawbrook 12
Jon Goldsworthy Expedite Interiors 7
Jonathan Finch Avalon Planning 18
Jonathan Scott Pluto Finance 8
Jonathan Stobbs Westward Ho Property 17
Jonny Clayton SunGift Solar 26
Josh Butler Triangle Networks 22
Josh Carr Verto Homes 17
Jules Phillips Taylor Lewis 13
Julie-Ann Clements In Ex Design 21
Kai Horstmann Burrington Estates/ Vida Workspaces 7
Kai Pinnell South West Business Finance 8
Karen Rumbelow Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers 5
Kate Lee The Forge, Winslade Manor 3
Kate Mills South West Women in Construction 21
Katie Fowler JLL 20
Kim Glover Top Notch Homes SW 19
Kye Daniel JLL 20
Kyrenia Tew KTA Architects & Urban Planners 6
Laura Beth Massey Caines TClarke 27
Laura Gray Hotel Du Vin Exeter 4
Laurence Darke Vistry South West 1
Lawrence Millyard Gale & Snowden Architects 12
Lee Summerfield Vistry South West 1
Lewis Oatway Services Design Solution 4
Liam Montgomery Altitude Group 26
Lisa Marshall Oxygen House 18
Lucy Becerra Services Design Solution 4
Lynne Jarman LEAN Projects 11
Lynsey Pape Acorn Property Group 10
Malcolm Gilmore Vistry 14
Marcus Ford Vistry South West 1
Maria Gale Gale & Snowden Architects 12
Mark Brown Halsall 9
Mark De Jager Close Brothers Property Finance 16
Mark Humphries Sambec 17
Mark Jordan LEAN Projects 11
Mark Rooney Acorn Property Group 10
Mark Sealey Airband Community Internet 3
Martin Hobbs Taylor Lewis 13
Martin Shearer Tamar Security 19
Matt Aitkenhead Stonewood Group 23
Matt Powell Small World Group 23
Matt Shaw Airband Community Internet 3
Matthew Cousins Apex Scaffolding 15
Matthew Ireland Expedite Interiors 7
Mercedes Osborne Pointers Financial 27
Michael Tilston The Mortgage Quarter 13
Michelle Miles The Mortgage Quarter 13
Mike Borkowski Morgan Sindall Construction 24
Mike Easton Vickery Holman 18
Mike Henderson Hall & Scott Estate Agents 4
Mike Hopkins Stonewood Builders 23
Mitchell Osborne Pointers Financial 27
Murray Ross Avalon Planning and Heritage 3
Nathan Butt Butt Estates 22
Neil Leitch Hampshire Trust Bank 17
Nevil Friggens Morgan Sindall Construction 24
Nicholas Burt Trowers & Hamlin 19
Nick Bishop Avalon Planning and Heritage 5
Nick Mills Craddy Pitchers 18
Nick Moffat LEAN Projects 11
Nick Rowe Morgan Sindall Construction 24
Nick Sanders Bluejay Developments 17
Nicky Strange Hall & Scott Estate Agents 4
Nicola Hambly Ignition Credit 8
Nicola Stumpf LNL Property Investments 19
Niki Cunningham Shawbrook 12
Pete Castley Vistry South West 1
Pete Nicholls Coreus Group 6
Peter Quincey Burrington Estates 7
Phil Deare P. Deare Carpentry and Joinery 23
Phil Moir Vistry South West 1
Phil Thorpe X Consulting Engineers 23
Rachel Hollingsworth Jubb 15
Rees Jenkins Vickery Holman 19
Rhoderick Henderson LiveWest 20
Richard Grigg The Mortgage Quarter 13
Richard Hemmings Close Brothers Property Finance 16
Richard Skinner Stonewood Builders 23
Richard Towl Nevada Construction 25
Rob Bramhall LHC Design 24
Rob Hilton Hilton Barnfield Architects 3
Robert Flatt JLL 20
Robin Pugh Burrington Estates/ Vida Workspaces 7
Robin Squire Acorn Property Group 10
Russell Gale Avocet Constructing Careers 15
Ryan Flory Pointers Financial 27
Sally Ashworth Cripps 16
Sally Basker Exeter Science Park 24
Sam Blight Acorn Property Group 10
Sam Hooper Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 25
Sam Stonestreet LEAN Projects 11
Sam Thompson Pointers Financial 27
Sam Trevorrow Browne Jacobson 15
Sam Weeks Atkins 22
Sam Williams Crescent Wealth Management 8
Samantha Johnson Vickery Holman 16
Sameena Ali-Khan ITV 15
Sara Watkins-Schmidt Signature Properties 19
Seb Beard Simpkins Edwards 8
Sharlotte Dewdney Co Create Architects 2
Simon Lancaster Expedite Interiors 7
Simon Sheldrake South West Business Finance 8
Simone Aurich Mitchell Architects 18
Sion Owens BAM Construction 14
Sophie Weeks Expedite Interiors 22
Spencer Popham GPG Properties 8
Steph Dodd Exeter Property Awards, MediaClash 21
Stephanie Hester Hampshire Trust Bank 17
Stephanie Hunt The Mortgage Quarter 13
Stephen Bain KTA Architects & Urban Planners 18
Steve Holcombe Nevada Construction 25
Steve Noble AMH Projects 15
Steve Wherry Hydrock 14
Steven Strang Exeter College 21
Stuart Rintoul 247 Property Auctions 19
Susie Durant Expedite Interiors 22
Susie Humphries Sambec 17
Suzy Keast TClarke 27
Ted Stokes Hydrock 14
Terri-Ann Jones The Mortgage Quarter 13
Thomas Arnold Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers 5
Tia Butt Butt Estates 22
Tim Adams-Snell Co Create Architects 2
Tim Godfrey Bishop Fleming 8
Tim Western JLL 20
Timea Varga Clockwise 26
Toby Conroy Halsall 9
Tom Carr Verto Homes 17
Tom Harries Stonewood Builders 23
Tom Hicks Coreus Group 6
Tom Jupp Vistry South West 1
Tom Masters LEAN Projects 11
Tom Vantreen Altitude Group 26
Tony Rowe Exeter Rugby Group 6
Torquil Home We Are Ease 2
Wayne Munday Fossil Coast Drinks Co 22
Wes Davidson Fox Davidson 16
Will Dykes LEAN Projects 11
Zach Maiden Vickery Holman 5